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Integrated Health Care and Coverage That Optimizes Workforce Health

Southern Colorado business leaders: It’s time to think differently about health care.

Kaiser Permanente combines health care and coverage in one connected system to maximize employee health and minimize employer costs. Our value-based care model rewards clinicians for providing high-quality care, not boosting patient volume. Through a shared electronic health record, our care teams make decisions collaboratively to provide coordinated, personalized care for your employees. 

Getting started with Kaiser Permanente 

We offer a breadth of affordable and flexible health plans designed to meet the unique needs of southern Colorado businesses. Your employees can easily transition their care with support from our New Member Connect Team. This team will help them move prescriptions, choose a primary care doctor and specialists, and connect to care online. 

A seamless care experience

Fragmented care was the norm for Greta Walker — until she transitioned her care and coverage to Kaiser Permanente. 

Kaiser Permanente’s New Member Connect Team put Greta at ease, assisting her with finding a primary care doctor whose focus on women’s health aligned with her personal health goals. She also met with one of Kaiser Permanente’s many clinical pharmacists within the first week of enrolling to transition all her prescriptions to one place.  

Now, Greta is enjoying everything Kaiser Permanente offers — from fitness and mindfulness apps to skilled, friendly phlebotomists and pharmacists just down the hall from her doctor.

Care at Kaiser Permanente is different 

With Kaiser Permanente, your employees have many convenient ways to get quality care. 

  • See a doctor, fill a prescription, and get a lab test or X-ray all under one roof in most of our 29 medical offices along the Front Range, including our 5 southern Colorado medical offices. 
  • Access one of Colorado’s largest multispecialty physician groups and choose one of Kaiser Permanente’s 1,300+ world-class doctors or a doctor from our network of 14,000+ affiliated providers.  
  • 24/7 care with on-demand video, e-visits, and phone options to address common health concerns (1).

Kaiser Permanente addresses the health of your employees early, consistently, and effectively. Our members are 33% less likely to die prematurely of heart disease (2) and 20% less likely to experience premature death due to cancer (2).

Learn how Kaiser Permanente delivers better care, better value, and better outcomes for southern Colorado businesses.  

  1. When appropriate and available. If you travel out of state, phone appointments and video visits may not be available in select states due to licensing laws. Laws differ by state.
  2. Elizabeth A. McGlynn, PhD, et al., “Measuring Premature Mortality Among Kaiser Permanente Members Compared to the Community,” Kaiser Permanente, July 20, 2022.


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