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Modernize My Site


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Modernize My Site creates damn sexy websites. They are a team of credentialed experts with a discriminating eye for design. One of their primary goals is to make clients cry with happiness when seeing the first iteration of their website. They specialize in fixing, designing, redesigning and maintaining WordPress websites. 

Founder, Sterling McMannis, is a website advisor. He spends a tremendous amount of time strategizing with clients before the design process begins to ensure the end product aligns with their goals. His job is to conduct SEO research, advise clients on website structure, identify the optimal toolset for a given website, and manage the project through the creative process. He is also the relationship manager in the business. 

Creative Director and design guru, Angelina Pecoraro, makes everyone look good. Her keen eye for greatness is what sets Modernize My Site apart. She insists on creating stellar websites. She pushes designers to do better. She encourages people to become the best creative versions of themselves. The byproduct is the tear jerking experience of clients seeing their dreams finally come to life on a screen.


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