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John Lerohl


[email protected]

A Senior level Business Development Strategist and Serial Entrepreneur;  John achieved significant contributions in establishing one of America’s first and largest Electronic Recycling companies back in 1985 in Silicon Valley.  He successfully navigated structuring Business to Business relationships with the world’s largest Electronics firms creating a global environment for recycling and protecting our planet’s wellbeing.   After three decades building that firm and the ‘green/sustainable’ industry, he became a professional consultant to that area of need, helping organizations embrace the vision of successful environmental practices…impacting companies including Apple, Oracle, HP, and Walmart…and many others.

His key skills and passion include creating successful business partnerships that ensure powerful, win-win relationships that build the future for everyone involved.  Negotiating these power relationships that last for the long-term is what brings John the most satisfaction…building today and an amazing future. Stephanie, John’s wife of 35 years, three adult kids, and three grandchildren makes the journey a complete joy.  He and his wife moved here in 2017, and they want to live the rest of their lives in this amazing city…connecting with and empowering the future of Colorado Springs any way possible.


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