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Galvanize Recycling Grows Business Through Social Impact

Local Startup Empowers El Paso County Companies

Empowering businesses and citizens to be stewards of social and environmental change is the mission of local start-up Galvanize Recycling. Purpose-driven practices have never been more important — 73% of American consumers report awarding their business to companies who show community and environmental support. 

“When it comes to social impact, if you look at statistics, younger people especially want to support businesses who do good,” says Galvanize Recycling’s Founder Mike Mazzola. 

Mazzola’s business helps individuals and companies do good by recycling items that are not normally recycled, then redistributing them for social impact. For El Paso County businesses, Galvanize can pick up some items in large quantities, including plastic mailers, ink cartridges, paint, light bulbs, fax machines, and more. 

“The recycling rate in Colorado Springs is 15%, which is half the national average,” Mazzola says. “We all think we’re a green, environmental state but for some reason, recycling has fallen through the cracks. This means 85% of items that can be recycled are going to the landfill. We can do better.” 

It’s not just the environmental component making Galvanize unique — it’s what the business does with the recyclable goods. Accepted items listed on the company’s website are delivered to nonprofits and organizations to be repurposed for community benefit. 

The economic impact is felt by consumers and social services. Electronics delivered to Denverbased BlueStar Recyclers help create jobs for people with disabilities. Items gifted to groups like Westside Cares or CASA’s Hanger can assist homeless neighbors and at-risk youth in becoming self-sufficient. Plastics recycled through Trex create composite materials used in decking components, which saves maintenance for consumers. 

“We’re all busy — we all have good hearts and want to do good work,” Mazzola says. “We just don’t often have time and it’s not easy.” 

Galvanize may be Mazzola’s answer to these time constraints, but it’s not his first go at solving societal problems through business. The social entrepreneur founded outdoor gear consigner Mountain Equipment Recyclers in 2010 to benefit nonprofit and advocacy groups. This new venture is expanding to add staff, trucks, and warehouse space which will further galvanize the community for even more impact.


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