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Underline Infrastructure Announces Expansion Plans

Brings 100 gigabit fiber internet network to Colorado Springs

Underline Infrastructure, the first company to offer 100 gigabit open access fiber internet in Colorado Springs, has announced plans for expansion and the addition of a fourth full-service internet service provider (ISP) beginning in November. 

The Austin-based company won the 2023 contract to build a fiber network for Colorado Springs School District 12, making the Cheyenne Mountain area part of its second phase of geographic expansion. 

Having completed the infrastructure backbone for El Paso County last year, Underline’s fiber network already serves residential and business clients across all market segments within their first phase area, bordered roughly by Constitution Avenue, Airport Road, Academy Boulevard, and Interstate 25. The company is also building a multi-purpose fiber network for The City of Fountain, its residents, and businesses, as well as for Fountain Utilities as a precursor for modernized water systems, renewable energy, and smart grid solutions. 

“By year-end 2023, we will be substantially done with our entire Phase One build on time and under budget,” says Bob Thompson, Underline founder and CEO. “We’re also already building across the whole city of Fountain, and the Cheyenne Mountain area — effectively surrounding and doubling our Phase One footprint. We’re doubling down on our partnership with the people of Colorado Springs and we’re doing all these things at zero cost to the city and at no risk to ratepayers.”

Defense and cyber security solutions

Underline delivers a modern fiber network plus infrastructure technology to do two things: solve today’s need for internet access that’s fast, affordable, and fair; and cyber-securely serve future connectivity needs. Commercial organizations and academic institutions serving U.S. military and space intelligence need advanced non-public internet connectivity pathways and Underline’s network attracts these groups. 

“They chose us because we offer critical technology solutions, not just the internet,” Thompson says. “Our technology allows them to engage in communication exercises that don’t touch what’s known as the dirty web.”

El Paso County’s large presence of military installations, defense contractors, and cyber security companies is one reason Thompson chose Colorado Springs for his company’s first market. Underline partnerships in this sector include Space ISAC, Catalyst Campus, Bluestaq LLC, the National Cyber Security Center, and undisclosed defense and government tech clients.

Partnering with businesses and residents

Underline funds and builds modern cybersecure fiber networks that serve every client in the market — from residential neighborhoods including Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) homes to small business, from enterprise clients to utilities and municipal governments. Underline recruits qualified ISPs that serve clients with internet and value-added services, to run over the top of these fiber-to-the-premise networks.

“Our ethic is about partnering with cities,” Thompson says. “It is about the flourishing of America by virtue of the health of its communities. That’s why we started the company.” 

Underline offers solutions that improve access, provide modern service to businesses, and support infrastructure modernization.

“We sit in the middle of the wealthiest society in the history of mankind but all across the country, in city after city, our poor kids sit in parking lots trying to do their homework because they don’t have internet access at home,” Thompson says.

For businesses, Underline touts fair pricing and better service. Currently business clients include The Downtown Partnership, Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Southern Colorado, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, and many organizations within the small business and start-up ecosystem.

By year’s end, 35,000 customers in Colorado Springs will be greenlit for Underline service.

Businesses and residents who wish to have internet speeds up to ten times faster and more reliable than non-fiber internet can sign up for service on Underline’s website,
Home internet is priced at $49 per month for 500/500 Mbps and $65 for 1/1 gigabit with no data caps, equipment fees, or contracts. For ACP-qualifying families, 500/500 Mbps will be provided at no charge, and the charge for 1/1 gigabit is $35 per month.


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