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Talking About: Customer Service

It’s a well known fact that customer care can make or break a business. A few local business owners from different industries were asked three pertinent questions in this regard.

1. Are you aware of your front line’s real conduct when you’re not there to manage engagements?

2. Are they hurting or helping your brand?

3. Are they doing the bare minimum or building relationships? 

Here are their answers:

Antique Store & Estate Sale Business

1. Yes, I have cameras I watch occasionally at the store and I have hired secret shoppers at the estate sales.

2. Currently helping but that wasn’t always the case. 

3. Today most are properly engaged, I have one that is only doing the bare minimum and I’m taking steps to replace.

Property Restoration Business:

1. We do train our employees on how to address customers and how I want them to represent our company. I often get feedback weeks later of how our technicians were great to work with. 

2. If they were hurting the brand there would be training and, if still not corrected, they would be let go. The feedback is often very positive.

3. I feel they are definitely an asset and help the company image. We often do little things that stand out. Such as wipe the floor on our way out or ask if the customer has any last minute questions. 

Home Inspection Business:

1. I’ve only hired my son so I have instilled into him the values of doing what’s right even when no one is watching, being a person of your word, integrity.

2. When my son does what he says we, the company, will do, we keep our word and that helps my company.

3. I believe whenever we can build a relationship around the framework of integrity, commitment, great service — then our company will always grow. There are times when only the bare minimum is done, due to time constraints.


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