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PPWC Releases Jobs Report for Q3

The most sought-after workers in El Paso and Teller counties are registered nurses and software developers, according to data compiled by the Pikes Peak Workforce Center (PPWC).

From April through September of this year, 4,789 unique job opportunities were posted in the region for registered nurses, data reported by PPWC Data Analyst Daniel Garcia shows. Employers posted 1,825 jobs for software developers during the same period. Job openings for all other computer-related jobs weren’t far behind, with 1,663 openings, according to the data provided to The Digest by PPWC.

The data was arranged according to four educational levels and lists the top 10 job categories in each, according to the fastest-growing occupations, unique job opportunities, and highest-paying jobs.

“There are many different factors to look at in this data,” says Traci Marques, executive director and CEO of PPWC. “One of the big takeaways is that it’s all about the job quality. Quality jobs can be found in many different industries, and there are careers and opportunities in many different pathways.”

Here are some further highlights of the report.

Fastest growing occupations, shown with number of 2023 job openings and 2022 media hourly earnings

High school diploma or less

Home health and personal care aides, 6,604 jobs, $15.27

Fast food and counter workers, 11,352 jobs, $14.14

Stockers and order fillers, 8,781 jobs, $16.29

Some college, postsecondary awards:

Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, 2,988 jobs, $23.79

Teaching assistants (except postsecondary), 3,090, $14.20

Nursing Assistants, 3,499, $17.45

Associate’s degree:

Preschool teachers (except special education), 1,204 jobs, $16.84

Veterinary technologists and technicians, 581 jobs, $20.31

Physical therapy assistants, 300 jobs, $28.44

Bachelor’s degree:

Software developers, 5,912 jobs, $63.23

Registered nurses, 7,034, $38.66

General and operations managers, 5,584, $55.25

Highest paying occupations (2022 median earnings)

High school diploma or less:

Transportation, storage and distribution managers, $56.40

Some college, postsecondary award:

Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, $23.79

Associate’s degree:

Radiation therapists, $48.43

Bachelor’s degree:

Airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers, $92.61


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