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Coolest Thing Made in Colorado

Springs-Made Product Named Runner-Up

The OcuLenz, a revolutionary technology for people with moderate to severe age-related macular degeneration, was runner-up in the Colorado Chamber of Commerce’s Coolest Thing Made in Colorado competition. 

The OcuLenz, a device designed and made by Colorado Springs-based Ocutrx Vision Technologies, finished second to the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, developed by Lockheed Martin Space and made in Littleton. NASA used the spacecraft to obtain a sample from an asteroid near Earth — the first such sample retrieved by a U.S. mission. According to a release from the Chamber, the sample will provide invaluable insights into the formation of the solar system.

The chamber presented the Coolest Thing award and honored all 10 nominees at its annual meeting Oct. 19 in Denver. The second annual contest drew 100 nominations for products manufactured across the state.

The OcuLenz uses patented technology in a lightweight, wearable headset to digitally generate visual images for the wearer. Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Richard Freeman, a former fighter pilot who developed macular degeneration, enlisted his sons, Michael and Mitch, to find a way to correct the devastating vision loss of the disease. Their background in computers and video led them to create an augmented reality/virtual reality solution.

Michael and Mitch Freeman are Ocutrx CEO/CTO and COO, respectively — the company makes other medical devices, such as an advanced digital microscope and a headset that allows surgeons to closely view any area of the surgical field and access patient data with a turn of the head.

Collins Aerospace’s ACES Ejection Seat, a life-saving device for military fighter, bomber, and trainer aircraft made in Colorado Springs, was also among the top 10 nominees.
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