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Affordable Housing in Pueblo

“There is a critical housing shortage here in our community — we have less than 2% available housing to support Pueblo’s burgeoning population,” says Kim Bowman, executive director of Posada. According to their 2022 annual report, Posada served 687 people in the Pueblo community, including 76 homeless youth (between the ages of 18-25); 52 families with children were placed in emergency housing; and 118 households were provided with rent and utility assistance. 

Posada is a non-profit organization, established in 1987, to address the homelessness issue in Pueblo County. Since then, the organization has expanded their resources beyond providing shelter, to include financial assistance programs. Currently, Posada is working to purchase and construct properties across Pueblo to create affordable housing opportunities for lower income families and individuals. “Volunteers are the hallmark of success for Posada’s programs and events,” says Bowman. “In 2022, more than 250 volunteers donated resources, time and effort to support our core programs and mission.” 

One of Posada’s newest projects is the Sunset Senior Living housing development which opened in October. This 17-unit complex offers affordable living opportunities with a sense of community, for individuals 55 years and older. Currently offering year-long leases, Sunset’s rents are set at $350 per month. This housing facility, previously a motel, was developed as a single room occupancy (SRO) model, a concept that has existed for well over 100 years in the US. This allows residents to maintain private en suite accommodations with community-style kitchen, dining, and common areas. The goal is to provide greater socialization opportunities for the residents in hopes to prevent isolation and promote independent living.

Posada’s mission is to provide housing and supportive services that empower homeless and low-income individuals and families in Pueblo County, to become self-supporting members of the community. Learn more at


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