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Welcome to The Digest!

Welcome to The Digest. Our work is dedicated to the business community and the emerging economic powerhouse region that is southeastern Colorado. We exist to create visibility about our region’s world-class business and economic development climate for everyone within it, as well as those who are looking at this region for their next great opportunity.

How? By providing insights, access, and connectivity through a highly attractive, interactive, intelligent, and informed presentation that is representative of the great people and organizations that make up our business community.

Since the first settlers came to this region and began spreading the word about this majestic place, the healthy lifestyle, and endless possibilities, the world has been attracted to its natural assets and aesthetic. The open space, the pioneer spirit, the ability to be inspired to create and make the world a better place, and to truly be immersed in nature even while in the midst of our work.

Well over a million people call this region home. Those same people have grown businesses and organizations that constitute a regional GDP that derives strength from industries such as aerospace, defense, space, cyber, high-tech, development, energy, professional services, non-profits, tourism, health and wellness, retail, manufacturing, higher education, the amateur sports industry, agriculture, hospitality, entertainment, and the list goes on. These and other industries and sectors put the great people of southern Colorado to work.

 We Invent. We Innovate. We Build. We Lead. We Invest. We Attract. We are southern Colorado, and we are open for business.

The gravitas of this undertaking has never escaped the team at Colorado Media Group. Our job in part is to create an informed readership using an intelligent tool we call The Digest to:

•Edify those who lead our businesses and organizations,

•Showcase our incredible capabilities, and instill confidence in our region,

•Solve real-world challenges that face us today and in the future,

•Open the door for collaboration, and create new opportunities,

•Encourage engagement and investment in this region, and to

•Foster an environment of innovation of products, solutions, and services that add value and meaning to our lives.

As we get underway, we want to know what you need and want to make this publication your business digest. You support The Digest’s publishing work and purpose by sending stories, showcasing your organization and offerings through advertising, and your involvement in the overall business conversation. In turn, our publication, and television (KKTV 11NEWS) and radio (Salem Media) partners will blast this message across the region – across the nation.

Let’s get to work!

Dirk R. Hobbs,
Founder & Executive Publisher
Colorado Media Group, Inc.


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